Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some concept design

I haven't been working in a while with this project. After introducing our new video I started to desing a new ship based on sketches my brother used in it. I have to work with shape little bit more. Ship also needs a pilot so I designed alien with big eye ball hovering in its armor. Should do more sketches. I'm not happy with that tentacle thing I am doing right now. I just wanted to show that I started to work again.
I also signed in a comic drawing course so you'll maybe see some comic stuff too in future.

Concet design about alien and ship

Project SpaceMelee status update

We have been quite busy in other activities and haven't had much time to develop Project SpaceMelee. However I managed to do some coding during the summer and implemented a ship selector and a planet. The game is now almost feature complete, with AI being the largest missing feature. Lots of polish and play testing are still needed, but we are a bit closer to a completed game.